Self-Healing with Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard ~ GALL BLADDER


¬© 1988 Barbara Hero¬† (captured from Barbara’s personal archives of cassette recordings)

“Self-Healing with Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard Sounds.” Those in the holistic health community who have used these tapes with their clients have found them beneficial. The vibrations of these harmonic frequencies may resonate to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of the listeners. An appreciation of seldom heard musical dimensions may be awakened upon hearing the sounds. Individuals who have listened to the recordings of the Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard have moved into other states of consciousness. These altered states have facilitated their learning of new physical, mental and spiritual awareness. Upon listening to the tapes, one hears the voice of Gordon Anderson speaking positive affirmation to the listener, encouraging self-healing by tuning in to the harmonic sounds.

HEALING SOUNDS FOR THE GALL BLADDER ~ These Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard sounds speed through the Gall Bladder 164.3 Hertz, quadrant 3.

MP3 download, Time, 6:56