Healing Nature of Sound


Composed and Performed by Barbara Hero. Audio Engineering by Robert Miller Foulkrod. © 1994 by Barbara Hero ® 1994 by Barbara Hero  (captured from Barbara’s personal collection of cassette recordings)

“It is my belief and intent that the computer generated frequencies that are presented to you on this tape may inspire self-healing when you are willing to let that happen. It is my hope that the sounds that you experience will work within your subconscious to inspire a greater well being in the months ahead. Hum along with the sounds and you will experience the sound intervals of the Lambdoma scale.” Barbara Hero

1: LAUGHTER (6 Minutes). Sounds of the Grand Gallery based on the dimensions of the height and length of the hallway in the Great Pyramid.

2: SOUNDS AND SHAPES OF BLOOD CELLS (2 Minutes). These sounds, and the shapes formed by the sounds, relate to the blood cells in our bodies. The measurements in micrfeeling” and “transmitting” the sound energy throughout your body.

MP3 download, Approximate Time, 25:00