King’s Chamber / Healing with Sound 1


© 1988 Strawberry Hill Farm Studios  (captured from Barbara’s archived collection of cassette recordings)

Part 1 – KING’S CHAMBER (Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt) In 1984 our group, led by Donald Beaman, went to Egypt on a spiritual journey of initiation into the ancient mysteries. A main focus of the group was to match the resonant frequency of the King’s Chamber with instruments and voices and to record the resulting sounds. We brought a small signal generator and a frequency counter to accurately calibrate the frequencies of 33, 66 and 60 cycles per second, which were based on the length, width and height of the chamber respectively. Sarah Benson performed with flutes and voice, Della Grigsby with a cello, Eve Schatz and Barbara Hero with voices. Michael Stearns, a composer, and two of his friends, who had met us at the entrance of the Great Pyramid and joined us in our private session, captured the moment on his quadraphonic recording system. We all felt that the sounds were coming through us, as if some force was singing through our bodies and instruments. People who have listened to this tape have had spontaneous past life recall and feel that the tape inspires healing to all who hear it. 

MP3 download, Time, 31:20

Part 2 (sold separately) is Healing with Sound