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  • Love - Learn meditation techniques for how to hear God's voice within you, and receive daily inspirational quotes to help you stay mindful and connected through out your day.
  • thefamilyoflight.net An international mobile healing center, offering healing, channeling, and educational forums around the globe.
  • Harp Therapy Journal: published an article by Barbara on the Tetraharp, Spring 1999.
  • T. Gordon Anderson builder of the Tetraharp, at gordonsitar.com
  • binglybongly.net the home of positive, energising music and audio alchemists.
  • The Musical Octave has a couple pages that refer to the Lambdoma: octave3and harmonics.html#LAMBDOMA
  • Harmonia - Applets (such as freely tunable scales), graphics and other materials concerning harmonics and the relations between sound and geometry.
  • Just Intonation Network
  • artawakening.com - Susan Rawcliffe, Sound Sculptor.
  • Jonathan Goldman's healingsounds.com - President of Spirit Music and Director of the Sound Healers Association.
  • New England Sound Healers Research Institute - Hosting Barbara's "Playshop" March 27, 2004.
  • Fractal Tunesmithy - Software for the Lambdoma Keyboard.
  • TimeStar - from Krsanna Duran.
  • The Meru Foundation - 30 years of research by Stan Tenen into the origin and nature of the Hebrew alphabet, and the mathematical structure underlying the sequence of letters of the Hebrew text of Genesis. Barbara is on their Board.
  • Bioadaptech.com - Bill Meyer.
  • Oursounduniverse.com - Frequency research by Susan Alexjander, including DNA Music
  • Chris Lofting's I Ching Plus (IC+) & Mathematical Maps - A site that deals with the way we make maps of reality (metaphors) with the supposition that the universe consists of wholes and their aspects and we make maps of these by using dichotomy. (Our neurology responds to wholes and their aspects and our psychology makes the maps.) Our senses work within this context, and we use emotion to link aspects within the whole - thus tonal harmonics and colors (visual harmonics) elicit emotional response that "colours/sets the tone" of all wholes. (The common link is frequency/wavelength).
  • Soundlight Studio ~ Kelly Wing Suen Yiu who was instrumental in my participation in the 2013 International Vibrational Healers Master Series.
  • Creative Harmonics Institute - Facilitating viable, sustaining, harmonious relationships between humans and nature through research, the arts and teaching.
  • Foster Perry - The author of When Lightning Strikes a Hummingbird and The Violet Forest (Bear & Co). He is a recording artist, We Dyed The Wheatfields Gold (Triloka) and Shaman Song (The Hummingbird Foundation) are two of his productions. Foster Travels the world giving of himself and The Hummingbird Healing Work, called Euphodynamic Healing, and Sonamics (the source of sound healing) both new branches of study.
  • Frequency Intervals - A collections of songs composed that all contain frequencies that work with different aspects of the body's evolution. Some of the mathematical sounds are a subset of the Lambdoma Matrix.
  • Vortexmaps.com - Geometric Maps of sacred places, featuring the EarthStar globe, which Barbara .
  • Harmony and Proportion - The Square Root of 2 - This site has detailed visual and practical information about using the geometries of the square root, arithmetic, geometric and harmonic means in ancient architecture and linking these to musical harmonics.
  • Heartsong Books- Celebrating a Kinship Vision. A catalog of highly praised, inspirational books by author/publisher Maggie Davis -- fitting gifts for all ages and all occasions. Excerpts, praise and ordering information, plus a caregivers/caregetters page, upcoming projects, publishing tips, fine links and much more. "We Trust that our books will help readers understand and respect the interconnectedness of all life and inspire them to act on their understanding in compassionate, powerful and celebratory ways -- for the good of Earth and for the good of generations to come."
  • Acutonics Sound Healing System - Instrumental in pioneering the use and development of sound healing and the creation of new vibrational models that bring art and spirit back into medicine. Our center provides education in Harmonic Medicine and sound healing tools.
  • Mystic Merchant - Visions From The Edge Of Everything, A Gallery of Digital Art.
  • NADA - Areas of interest include, Sacred Spaces, Conscious Art, Body Work, Planateria, E.T. Nada and Links to other sites
  • Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - It's a Musical Universe! - Exciting pages of many nearly forgotten and lost wonders of science. From Dale Pond.
  • Wilson Archive - The Only Authorized Archive of the Theoretical Works of Erv Wilson.

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