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By Donald Beaman, Professor (retired) Boston University

Photo of Barbara HeroBarbara Hero is a current witness to a phenomenon investigated by Pythagoras (c. 582-500 B.C.) and known to him as the Lambdoma Matrix. Nicomachus of Gerasa recorded the process and it was picked up by Iamblichus before 350 A.D.

We inherit the work of Leonardo of Pisa, also known as Fibonacci, who lived in he early thirteenth century. In time, Renaissance Europe both discovered and lost the Lambdoma pursuing mathematics and musical intervals.

A whole language of relationship followed. ...Ratios ...Frequencies ...Wave Lengths ...Undertones and Overtones. Barbara acts as our guide in this world of rarified discernment, giving us sounds, drawings, charts and even laser projections, synthesized into a vast tapestry that is art and science, sound and light.

She counsels us from THE LAMBDOMA HARMONIC KEYBOARD, giving us a personal reading based on our favorite color, and a musical interval appropriate to our blended presence, designed to enhance our wellbeing. The call is to harmony of spirit, mind, emotion and physicality within one dynamic presence.

We may ask, "why is the Lambdoma Matrix important to us?" ... "Is it anything more than a complicated opinion?" ...

Barbara reminds us that all of creation exhibits apparent laws ... of cause and effect ... of self improving evolution ... of relationship of parts to the whole ... "Holistic" ... "Holo-existent!" Harmonic Relationship registers for us in this visual matrix ... Lambda as Life Force ... Prime Mover in the whole of self-realization of our universe.

All things vibrate ... all things flow in ways appropriate to the grand BECOMING ... and Barbara, as our guide, assists us in dispelling the veils of fear and victimhood ... through the sounds and the sights, the crystal energies, to reveal geometry, the inner knowing available to all of us.

She gives us techniques for discovering key-notes ... appropriate colors and spaces for our personal surroundings. Her drawings call to us, her tapes tone us, her spirit urges us on with the pure joy of the human adventure.

Painting of PythagorasPythagoras the accepted founder of Greek Mathematics was the son of Mamarchos (an engraver of signet rings and a wealthy merchant.) He was born at Samos (a Greek Island near Ionia) between 600 and 590 B.C. His exact date of birth is a matter of speculation as no documentary source exists. Prior to his birth the Oracle of Delphi (Pythoness - Prophetess of Apollo) predicted that he would be destined to surpass all men in beauty and wisdom and would contribute much to the benefit of mankind. Pythagoras visited many countries and studied at the feet of masters learning the Babylonian and Chaldean mysteries. He spent 22 years in Egypt as an initiate and priest of the Temple at Thebes. He returned to Greece after Cyrus the Great, King of Persia dragged him off as a prisoner to Babylon about 527 B.C. Pythagoras established the University at Crotona, southern Italy, and taught Mathematics based on his Egyptian knowledge of the secret wisdom of the ancients. Prior to his time all wise men were known as Sages, "one who knows" but Pythagoras was the first to call himself a Philosopher and defined that word as "one who is attempting to find out."

Photo of Barbara HeroBarbara Hero is a mathematician, visual artist, composer and writer. She exercises all of these attributes in her mission of sharing the secrets encoded within the ancient Pythagorean Lambdoma Matrix. She has written and lectured extensively on the wisdom encoded within that ancient matrix of whole number ratios attributed to Pythagoras and has been called the "Re-discoverer of Pythagoras' Lambdoma." It is her belief that we are all part of an evolving consciousness, and that each of us has goals that were set for us before birth, and which we may find and fulfill during our lifetimes. For her the understanding of the Lambdoma Matrix in many of its facets is her mission. You are invited to explore these ancient mysteries through these web pages and the books, recordings and documents produced by Barbara in her search to "... find out."

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