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Phot of Barbara HeroThe items in this catalogue are a cumulation of more than twenty years of applications of an abstract mathematical matrix, which began as a simple array of fractions representing the harmonics in music. I tried to find different ways of expressing these relationships to music ratios in a concrete form. The first application was in drawings, linking color and proportion to this specific Pythagorean music theory, (Item B1). Then came the application of translating the matrix into actual harmonic sounds in music, using sine-wave generators and later computer generated frequencies, (items AT1 through AT13). Next, came translating the order of the harmonics into Chakra meditation necklaces composed of different colored semi-precious gemstones. The colors of the gemstones represented the harmonics and sub-harmonics in music as well as the energy centers of the Chakra System, (items N1 through N8 and AT12.) Mandalas of the matrix, in circular, diamond and rectangular shapes were the next application of the theory of relationships in harmonics. Lambdoma mandalas and diagrams of the Chakras, planets, time values, keyboards and wavelength/frequency correspondences were made into laminated scrolls, (items S1 through S5). Finally, came the pyramidal Lambdoma candles, representing the Lambdoma matrix of ratios, in a three dimensional sculpture form, (item C1).

These were all created in order to help myself and others better understand and apply the laws of harmonic relationships to which we must attune ourselves in order to live harmonically in our particular part of the planet.

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