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Audio Cassette Tapes by Barbara Hero

Photo of Barbara HeroThe realization that sounds could have shapes led to experimenting with sine-wave generators and oscilloscopes, and later to laser/scanner systems using the mathematics of the Lambdoma matrix translated into audible frequencies (in cycles per second), to demonstrate the beautiful phenomena of "seeing sound". Almost all of the cassettes in our catalogue were recorded by selecting the mathematical intervals from the Lambdoma matrix which produced the most beautiful shapes.

(Item AT1)

The Healing Nature of Sound

Illustration of Tape CassetteComputer generated frequencies are presented to you on this tape that they may inspire self healing when you are willing to let that happen. These chords were composed by Barbara Hero based upon her interpretation from the atomic number of nutritive elements for our bodies and the dimensions of the blood cells in the human body. It is hoped that the sounds that you experience will work within your subconscious to inspire a greater well-being in the months ahead. Hum along with the sounds and experience the sound intervals of the Lambdoma scale.

Item AT1 (C-60 Cassette) PRICE: US$10

(Item AT2)

Grand Gallery Galaxy Sounds
Universal Law Harmonies

Illustration of Tape CassetteSide 1: This recording brings you the expressive sounds of our galaxy as they resonate with the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. The frequency of each tone relates to an actual dimension of the initiation gallery. Side 2: A matrix of intervals of tones based upon the Pythagorean Lambdoma Diagram and representing the energy centers in our body called Chakras. Listen and enjoy the perfect harmonies formed from this series.

Item AT2 (C-60 Cassette) PRICE: US$10

(Item AT3)

Kings Chamber Healing with Sound

Illustration of Tape Cassette Side 1: During a spiritual trip to Egypt human voices and the Cello attune to the resonant frequencies of the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid. The live performance was captured by Michael Sterns with his quadraphonic recording system. Side 2: These sound intervals, based roughly on a Coptic chant, were created using sine-wave generators. These sound intervals provide healing energies and each resonates with different locations within your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Item AT3 (C-60 Cassette) PRICE: US$10

(Item AT4)

Lambdoma Matrix (M.I.T. Second Set)
Grand Gallery Galaxy Sounds #2

Illustration of Tape CassetteSide 1: This matrix of sound - intervals was generated at M.I.T.'s Experimental Music Studio. The entire matrix enables one to choose the sound which resonates within their body. Side 2: This musical composition was created especially for the Second New England Composers Festival. It brings one the initiation sounds of our Galaxy as they resonate within the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Generated on a computer and played on an electronic keyboard, these vibrations alternately accelerate and slow down.

Item AT4 (C-60 Cassette) PRICE: US$10

(Item AT5)

Vela-X and Single Tones
Iamblichus Race Course

Illustration of Tape CassetteSide 1: A descending Lambdoma scale created with a sine-wave generator is combined with a recording of radio signals received from the pulsar Vela-X at the Arecebo Astronomical Observatory. Side 2: This composition translates the numbers of Nicomachus' "Double Race Course" into frequencies. This recording was produced with two sine-wave generators. This work is based on an idea from Nicomachus' "Introduction to Arithmetic", Translated by Iamblichus.

Item AT5 (C-60 Cassette) PRICE: US$10

(Item AT6)

Music of Our Organs, Our "Key Energy Centers", Our Solar System, The Stars, The "Platonic Solids", and The Periodic Table of Elements.

Illustration of Tape CassetteThis recording is designed to create awareness of the possibilities of relating the organs of the body and their "key energy centers", to a musical vocabulary. Side 1: Interval chords for: certain body organs, energy & key energy centers, orbits of the planets, time, eleven stars, angles of 5 Platonic solids and our solar system. Side 2: Continuous sequence of musical interval chords including: solids, stars, organs of our bodies, radioactive elements, hexagonal structures and cubic structures.

Item AT6 (C-60 Cassette) PRICE: US$10

(Item AT7)

Chakra Attunement Chords (Bass & Tenor)

Illustration of Tape CassetteThese chords assist the listener in the attunement of the vibrational frequencies of the five lower Chakras. The effectiveness of the use of Chakra attunement chords, based upon the Triad (C E G), was taught by the Masters as channeled by Viola P. Neal in the book "Through the Curtain". There are 12 Chords on each side of this cassette. Each chord is introduced by its keynote. Each keynote is played by itself before its chord to allow the checking for individual keynotes. Side 1: Bass. Side 2: Tenor

Item AT7 (C-90 Cassette) PRICE: US$15

(Item AT8)

Fibonacci Chords

Illustration of Tape CassetteThese Chakra meditation chords were created and recorded in response to the inspiration of one of the participants at our workshop "Room Resonances" given in Boston, Massachusetts as part of a series of workshops of the Timeless Architecture group. Side 1 & Side 2 Fibonacci Meditation Chords. Notes of the overtones are C=1:1, C=2:1, G=3:2, A=5:3 and Ab=8:5. Undertones are C=1:2, F=2:3, Eb=3:5 and E=5:8. Chords were produced with a Casiotone CT-640

Item AT8 (C-60 Cassette) PRICE: US$10

(Item AT9)

The Other Side of Art
Start,Stop and Think

Illustration of Tape CassetteThis music is composed by Barbara Hero and is based upon the scores included on the drawings in the sections "The Other Side of Art" and " Start, Stop and Think" in the book "Eyes + Ears = Ideas" (Item B1). Each of the musical intervals in the sequences, determined by reading each drawing, was then composed and played. Side 1: A musical score was made from the drawings illustrating a Lambdoma sequence of notes and recorded at Robert Ceely's electronic BEEP Studio on Moog and Mini-Moog Synthesizers. Side 2: A continuation of the musical score of side 1.

Item AT9 (C-90 Cassette) PRICE: US$15

(Item AT10)

Lambdoma Undertone Chakra Meditation Chords
A Musical Mathematical Set (Chakra Surfing)

Illustration of Tape CassetteThe Lambdoma is an ancient matrix of Pythagorean harmonics, free of tempering, generated by multiplying and dividing a fundamental frequency by whole numbers. Side 1: The chords were produced on a computer and were especially chosen to stimulate each Chakra, having been derived from the harmonic undertone series of the Lambdoma matrix. Side 2: This version of the Lambdoma matrix was computer generated in a pattern based on the mathematician Georg Cantor's "Cantor Array". The sounds rise and fall and are called "Chakra Surfing".

Item AT10 (C-60 Cassette) PRICE: US$10

(Item AT11)

Lambdoma Matrix - Lambdoma Mix

Illustration of Tape CassetteThese sounds were generated at M.I.T.'s Experimental Sound Studio by computer from an algorithm of a "Cantor Array" (Lambdoma Matrix). The intent was to make audible the sounds of antiquity, to be able to hear the intervals in music that are not based upon the diatonic, western scales, but upon a universal harmony that is mathematically derived. These sounds have produced calming influences in two drug-rehabilitation resident communities and upon inmates in prison. Side 1: The Lambdoma Matrix. Side 2: A Lambdoma Mix produced with the help of Neil Miller

Item AT11 (C-60 Cassette) PRICE: US$10

(Item AT12)

Lambdoma Chakra Meditations

Illustration of Tape CassetteLambdoma Chakra Meditations Clinical experience indicates that the Lambdoma matrix of sound-intervals on this tape inspire us to become aware of the resonant frequencies of our own Chakra system. The specific frequencies of these sound-intervals inspire an opening and cleansing of our Chakra energy centers. Steven Proskauer determined the Chakra frequencies, Robert Miller Foulkrod wrote the computer program and Barbara Hero provided the specific frequencies from the Lambdoma. Side 1: Ascending form. Side 2: Spiral Form.

Item AT12 (C-60 Cassette) PRICE: US$10

(Item AT13)

Playing Lambdoma Art
Fibonacci Lambdoma

Illustration of Tape CassetteSide 1: Hear works of fine art played by the flutist Adam Hubble. Barbara Hero's Lambdoma art was in a solo exhibit at Max Protech's Gallery in Washington, D.C. and included drawings on canvas from the "Start, Stop and Think" section of the Book "Eyes + Ears = Ideas" (Item B1). Musical notes had been included in some of the works of art and Adam played these on his flute as scores. The music is very similar to compositions from the BEEP studio, where Barbara composed the score and recorded it on Moog and Mini-Moog synthesizers. (Item AT9) Side 2: This is a meditative composition based upon the ratios of the Fibonacci series translated into musical intervals. The rations are 1:1, 2:1, 3:2, 5:3, 8:5, 13:8, 21;13 and their reciprocals. This music reflects in sound the principles of the "Golden Section" in sacred geometry. The intervals follow the same ascending intervals of the eight Chakras on side 1 of the "Lambdoma Chakra Mediations" tape. (Item AT12)

Item AT13 (C-60 Cassette) PRICE: US$10

(Item AT14)

Sounds from the Lambdoma Keyboard

Illustration of Tape CassetteThe Lambdoma Keyboard became a reality on June 10,1994, and has been demonstrated to select audiences. One of the important facts about the Lambdoma Keyboard is that no matter which frequency, in the middle audible range, is chosen, there is no dissonant note heard. That is because of the mathematical nature of the tuning system. It is not tempered, but is made up of pure harmonics as well as their reciprocal sub-harmonics. Side #1: Undertones and Overtones (Sounds played from the first quadrant of the Lambdoma Matrix.) The first intervals played were from the ascending overtone series based upon the fundamental frequency of 256 Hertz. The reciprocal intervals were then sounded on either side of the fundamental. Then the keyboard was randomly played until the fundamental was changed to another frequency in the Chakra set. In each set the overtone is sounded, then the reciprocals, the random fingering of the matrix. The listener is able to distinguish each fundamental by hearing the overtone series after a pause, and noting the interval sets which seem to be the most pleasant. Each of the "fundamental runs" represents one of the major Chakra energies. Side #2: Overtones and Undertones (Sounds played from the fourth quadrant of the Lambdoma Matrix.) Side two begins with the fundamental ascending overtone series with the beginning frequency of 256, and the interval tones are played in geometrical patterns. Each pattern has every ratio of that matrix sounded in scale-like progression. The energy seems quite different when listening to these runs. The last set of interval tones are based on the descending undertone series of the harmonics of the fundamental frequency of 256.

Item AT14 (C-60 Cassette) PRICE: US$10

The Following is a set of 4 Self-Healing Tapes

"Self-Healing with Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard Sounds." Those in the holistic health community who have used these tapes with their clients have found them beneficial. The vibrations of these harmonic frequencies may resonate to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of the listeners. An appreciation of seldom heard musical dimensions may be awakened upon hearing the sounds. Individuals who have listened to the recordings of the Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard have moved into other states of consciousness. These altered states have facilitated their learning of new physical, mental and spiritual awareness. Upon listening to the tapes, one hears the voice of Gordon Anderson speaking positive affirmation to the listener, encouraging self-healing by tuning in to the harmonic sounds.

(Item AT15)

"Self-Healing (1)with Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard Sounds"

Illustration of Tape CassetteSide #1: Blood - Adrenals The Music of speeds of sound through blood and adrenals. Blood: 321.9 Hertz, quadrant 4, 7 minutes Adrenals: 492.8 Hertz, quadrant 1, 7 minutes Side #2: Kidneys - Liver The Music of speeds of sound through kidney and liver. Kidneys: 319.88 Hertz, quadrant 2, 7 minutes Liver: 317.83 Hertz, quadrant 3, 7 minutes

Item AT15 (C-60 Cassette) PRICE: US$10

(Item AT16)

"Self-Healing (2)with Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard Sounds"

Illustration of Tape Cassette"Self-Healing with Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard Sounds" Side #1: Bladder - Intestines The Music of speeds of sound through bladder and intestines. Bladder: 352 Hertz, quadrant 4, 7 minutes Intestines: 281.6 Hertz, quadrant 3, 7 minutes Side #2: Lungs - Colon The Music of speeds of sound through lungs and colon. Lungs: 220 Hertz, quadrant 1, 7 minutes Colon: 176 Hertz, quadrant 2, 7 minutes

Item AT16 (C-60 Cassette) PRICE: US$10

(Item AT17)

"Self-Healing (3)with Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard Sounds"

Illustration of Tape CassetteSide #1: Gall Bladder - Pancreas The Music of speeds of sound through gall bladder and pancreas. Gall Bladder: 164.3 Hertz, quadrant 3, 7 minutes Pancreas: 117.3 Hertz, quadrant 1, 7 minutes Side #2: Stomach - Brain The Music of speeds of sound through stomach and brain. Stomach: 110 Hertz, quadrant 2, 7 minutes Brain: 315.8 Hertz, quadrant 4, 7 minutes

Item AT17 (C-60 Cassette) PRICE: US$10

(Item AT18)

"Self-Healing (4)with Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard Sounds"

Illustration of Tape CassetteSide #1: Fat Cells - Muscles The Music of speeds of sound through fat cells and muscles. Fat Cells: 295.8 Hertz, quadrant 4, 7 minutes Muscles: 324 Hertz, quadrant 1, 7 minutes Side #2: Bones The Music of speeds of sound through bones. Bones: 418.3 Hertz, quadrant 2, 15 minutes

Item AT18 (C-60 Cassette) PRICE: US$10

(Item AT19)

"Musical Acupuncture Meridians"

Illustration of Tape CassetteThe intent of this cassette is to balance our energies by translating the angles and frequencies of the acupuncture meridians into a musical vocabulary. Side 1: Each of the fourteen chords was played for two minutes on the Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard in order to beneficially affect each meridian. Side 2: Each meridian was assigned a fundamental frequency based upon one of its meridian angles. Each one of the fifteen frequencies was played on the Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard for two minutes in its appropriate 8 x 8 matrix in order to positively affect the body.

Item AT19 (C-60 Cassette) PRICE: US$10

(Item AT20 & CD20)

"Improvisation on the TETRA-HARP Performed by Friends of Strawberry Hill Farm Studios"

The inspiration for building the Tetra-Harp was the understanding that the ancient Greeks played a three sided lyre. Our Tetra-Harp is a tetrahedron shape, a three sided pyramid. Its three sides, with twelve strings each, are tuned to different scales. The Dolphin side is generally tuned to a Lambdoma harmonic tuning. The other two sides are tuned an octave apart. Our friends would tune the Tetra-Harp to their own convenience, before their improvisations. This acoustic Tetra-Harp was a collaborative design by Barbara Hero, Marcia Epstein and T. Gordon Anderson.

Item AT20 (C-60 Cassette) PRICE: US$10
Item CD20 (Compact Disk) PRICE: US$15

(Item AT21)

"Lambdoma Music of the Spine"

The intent of this cassette is to meditate on the harmonic sounds of the Lambdoma. The music allows your being to absorb each note while concentrating on your spinal column and receive a feeling of self-healing. Side 1: Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Sacrum & Coccyx. Side 2: Coccyx, Sacrum, Lumbar, Thoracic & Cervical.

Item AT21 (C-60 Cassette) PRICE: US$10

(Item ACD22)

"The Canals of the Atlantean Plane"
(Shri Swifty & the Mandali of Mantra)

This is the first CD where the Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard was played in a group setting, with the instruments all tuned to the Lambdoma Matrix Keyboard. The instruments were: Just Intonation Violin, Re-tuned Baldwin Electric Church Organ, Lambdoma Frequency Keyboard, Electric Just Xylophone, E Bow Fretless Guitar, F Hammerstrings, Acoustic Guitar, Tibetan Bells and Theremin. The players were: Patrick Pagano, Ben Ehrlich, Barbara Hero, Denny Genovese, Indra Harper, Trey Conner and Chris Sturgeon. The piece "maneuvers into the golden mean of sacred ambiance and spiritual minimalism where few have ventured."

Item ACD20 (Compact Disk) PRICE: US$15

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